Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Bias

Leave it up to C to make things difficult. -Insert big sarcastic loving grin here-
After choosing her fabrics, C decided I should make her shirt as soon as the fabrics arrived. Unfortunately for her, that is not her call to make.

Then when the fabrics arrived, I was the one wanting to rush to the finished product...and wouldn't you know it, C decided that the colors would be perfect for Valentine's Day. So, I have been sitting on the project and waiting.

Here is the beautiful bias with links to the tutorial Mine took a little longer to make because I do not have one of those wonderful bias tape folding thing-a-ma-jigs but it turned out beautifully just the same.

...and finally, tomorrow, C will wear her new shirt.
Her Valentine's Day shirt!
Her very own
hand picked by her,
handmade by Mommy shirt!


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