Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Declaration K's Way

K , our second child is currently studying US and World History. The program she chose is Beautiful Feet. K is an avid reader and a hands on learner, so Beautiful Feet has been her History program of choice for a number of years now.

Tuesday, K came to me with a smile a hug and a whiny voice - a combination that only a fifteen year old can manage. "Mom, can I pah-leeease just type this up. It's so long, and my hand writing isn't straight, and it is taking so many pages....pah-leeease." You get the idea.

I gave in, of course, and as soon as I did K asked me where I kept the instant coffee and the lighters. Hm, some thing's up. K was getting ready to be the creative perfectionist that we love so much.

K sat down and typed out the entire original draft of The Declaration of Independence and printed it up. OK, so far so good.

Then, she wadded all four pieces into tight balls as if she were ready to toss them in the garbage - but wait! It's all right! Don't panic! There is a method to this madness.

She then walked over to the ironing board and pressed the sheets flat(but wrinkly).

Now for the fun part...

Taking a damp paper towel and dipping it into instant coffee grinds, K began to rub down each page of her project until it looked something like this.

Now B, our oldest had to join in too; because, it was time to make those great aged edges. (Added Bonus - They were able to play with fire!!!)

Yes, I supervised, although very lightly. They are 15 and 16 years old, you know!

Yes, it made a mess.

B and K are old enough to clean up after themselves.

Besides, the end result was a fabulous and meaningful project.


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