Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Mario Kart Changed Our Lives...

It's been one week ago tomorrow since they opened "The Box" - the one containing the game they had waited a whole year for - the box containing the one thing that would change our families lives
- the box containing Wii Mario Kart

At our house kindess is the rule. If we say something unkind to or about one another, we apologize. We hold our tongues when something rude is about to come out. We ...well you get the idea. We try to get along, and while this does not always happen, we all try very hard to "be kind one to another."

Until Now...
from the living room I hear,

"Oh, you losers!"

"Take that you..."

"I hope that hurt!"

"I got super powers and I'm gonna use it on you!"

"Haha you got flattened! Your tires are bigger than you!"

"Hey, look! I'm in 1st and 2nd at the same time - 12th place, baby!"

And how do I handle this loud, excited trash talk? Well like any mom wanting to train up her children in the way they should go, I say, "Hey, I wanna play next game!" And believe me, I'm just as bad as the kids.

Look, even the Grandparents are in on it.
Only when they play I hear things like,

"Mammaw, you have to stay on the road!"

"Pappaw, you're going backwards!"

"Hey, who struck me with lightning?"

"Where's the pit crew? I got something on my windshield!"

OK, gotta go, I need to see how the competition is racing today so I can get my game plan on.


Erika said...

That reminds me of my daughter. She can take something like Disney's Snow White and pick up on the one not-so-nice line and deliver it to her brother. And don't be around her when she is watching Kungfu Panda

Kathleen said...

*ROFLOL* I soooooo want to come play, too!!!!

TiLT said...

That's awesome!!!! Can I have next? :P

Laurel said...

LOLOL, our son got Mario Kart too, and we've heard plenty of trash talk between him and his sister while they play. I tried to drive once (and proved once again that virtual driving is NOT my thing - I drove off the cliff into the ocean about 8 times in one race, got lapped by the other racers, and generally disgraced myself, much to my son's delight). I'll stick to Scrabble, thank you!

tamdoll said...

I've never played Mario Kart... but while we're all dancing to Just Dance it's hard not to laugh at each other flailing around the room.

Happy New Year!

Splendid Little Stars said...

sounds like fun, though...

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