Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My online shop, as you know, is hosted by Etsy. It is a great venue for me, as a stay at home mom who want to earn a little income while...well staying at home and being Wife and Mommy. I love the fact that I do not have to do a whole lot of graphic designing for this site. I photograph and upload my pictures, make a short descriptive write up and wait. My "very favorite" part of Etsy is the Etsy Teams. There are teams for everybody. People who sell on Etsy and have similar interests or lifestyles or art, join together as teams. I have seen several people who are on many teams. My ADD/ADHD tendencies will not allow for that. I could never keep up. So, I stick with two teams Sheteam(Schooling At Home Etsians- another blog sometime later) and Etsybloggers(that one is pretty straight forward, don't you think?)

Etsybloggers team is made up, of course, of Etsy sellers who also like to blog. We have a few blog carnivals each month...what are those you ask? Twice a month we are given two questions to choose from and write about. I think it serves a two fold purpose. One is that it gives a certain amount of inspiration - a break from writers block. Second, it keeps us working as a team, because we all are, at some point, writing about the same things.

I have really enjoyed being on this team because I am a people person, and with having so many blogs to read, I have gotten to know some really great people. Etsybloggers team helps with that too. Each month we have a featured artist. Everybody on the team writes a post about that month's artist and their Etsy shops. I am sure you have seen shops featured here and wondered about now you know. This months featured artist is Linda. I'll tell you a bit more about her tomorrow.


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