Friday, November 19, 2010

Just So Ya' Know...

I am looking forward to the New Year...yes, 2011. Yikes, can it really be?

My two oldest are now driving and my two youngest are growing like little weeds. At the turn of the new year, more changes will occur.

For one, I will not be going back to school as planned. Sad, I know, but it really is too much on the family. Instead I will take summer courses until my degree is completed(in about a hundred years or so). And that is OK with me. Our oldest will begin her senior year of high school and with her school work and that of our other children I have a full schedule.

Another reason for big change is my mom's surgery. It takes one simple conversation with a doctor to change your priorities and put things into perspective. I am hoping to spend more time with my parents and grandparents next year.

The third and final change will be in my Etsy shop. I will be adding handmade gift cards and note cards with fabric and embroidered designs. It is something I have wanted to do for a while. Want a sneak peak? ...

I'm so excited about these little cards.

I will also, finally, be doing a couple craft fairs next year as well as renting spaces in local shops. I am especially looking forward to this venture. It will be nice to get my name out locally and meet new people in the area.

Any Hoo!!!
That's my update.

Next week is Thanksgiving!
I love Thanksgiving and having the family together.



foxygknits said...

These cards look very inviting! I clicked to see if they were in your shop, but not yet! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy your family.

CandyCrack said...

Sounds like you have some big changes coming next year, I hope all goes well.

The new cards look lovely.

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