Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Walk In The Park

Yes, this phrase brings an instantaneous peace, a washing of calm, an invisible coverlet of solitude and quiet. Any other day of the year I would feel the same, but today - not so much.

"A Walk in the Park" currently brings to mind...

images of brightly colored steel beams which touch the sky. Soaring over those beams are mini rocket cars set to turbo and in those cars are human missiles with hands uplifted screaming the praises of adrenaline rush and motion sickness...Oh wait that's only when I ride.

This past weekend my husband and I took the children to Six Flags over Georgia and I tell you, just the shrill screams of the people on the rides strikes terror in my soul. My whole body quivers and my heart begs me to turn around and run, run as fast as I can. But, alas, I entered the park thinking, "It's OK, I will do just as I always do." At the entrance of every ride I look around and say, "How about, I hold your bag and sun glasses so you can ride." This usually gets me out of having to feel my stomach lurch upwards and lodge deep in my throat. It's really not a great feeling, certainly not one that I love. If the "I'll hold your bag" trick doesn't work I can find someone who wants to watch a show or two with me and this usually accounts for about 3-4 hours of my day. I love the shows!!!!

This visit, however, I was disappointed to find that the shows were all closed. "WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO???"

I humbly admitted that I am, indeed, a wuss, a coward, a wimp and I snapped pictures all day long. It was great! I enjoyed watching my youngest two play in the water park and I also enjoyed watching the rest of my family get on and off rides with wide eyed anticipation of the next, take your breath away and fling you around faster than should be legal, thrill ride.

One more thing about this

"walk in the park" that I feel I should mention -the temperature was a warm 95 with a heat index of 105. Yes, I did ride water rides with the family. Well I road 1 water ride. I was completely soaked because I happened to get caught under the water fall. Honestly, I did not hate that ride, not one little bit!


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