Thursday, February 25, 2010

Customer Appreciation

Just to let you all know, I have some of the greatest followers and customers. Those who have requested custom orders over the past few months have been very patient with my new school schedule and have been very open with communication. This great communication and patience has helped me get their orders exactly the way they have requested. I LOVE THAT!!! Happiness!!!

Recently I received this note from a customer in Michigan concerning our Huckleberry Hobo.
"...we love it! It is adorable! I love the different fabrics you used. We gave it to our son for his...birthday and he loves it. He casts and throws the "hook" in and catches a fish with great excitement! It will help to teach him numbers and counting. We are very happy to have found this on Etsy! Thanks!"

Now isn't that the sweetest?

So, I think it is my turn to show some heartfelt appreciation to my customers. I plan to do this in the form of a few give aways. Yes, I said a few. The first will come in the next couple weeks. I am working on another soft game...I don't want to spoil the surprise so I will save the details for later.


You want a hint?

All Right, it involves xoxo's.

Stay tuned for details about the prize and details about how you could win it.


1 comment:

Patti said...

Anything that involves x's and o's, should be fun!

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