Friday, January 22, 2010

Poet Dresses In the Works

I was contacted a couple weeks ago about putting together a few poet dresses and an 18 month t-shirt. The customer is having family pictures made and wanted handmade and matching outfits for her beautiful children.

I am so honored to work on this project.

Here are the fabrics that I will use.

For those interested, these are Micheal Miller fabrics. The lines are Whimsey and Ginger Blossom.



Mountain Home Quilts said...

Those are beautiful!!!

Erica said...

What an aweseome project! I cant wait to see the finished pieces! I just posted a custom order to my blog (acrylicandsteel) that you may find interesting! It was for a wedding gown.

OrganicMama said...

Hey! That's me ;o) ha ha
Can't wait to see more pics! Thanks Sonja!

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