Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Has Officially begun

Yes, it is true. Our old school books have been stored away, grades given and our new books have been ordered and shipped and put into place. The favorite pair of jeans has been replaced with skirts and shorts. But that very busy week of Vacation Bible School is like blowing the whistle and announcing,"Summer is here at last." And how did we celebrate? With a day trip to the ball park, of course.

My husband bought ticket last week and announced that we were going to spend Monday "not working". I am so glad that he balances me like this. I have not stopped, for even a couple minutes, to rest. I had my to do list and I was not going to let anything get in my way of getting every last thing on that list completed. So, the husband announced a day off and it is just what I needed. Like a cold drink of water, it has refreshed me.

We left home at 9:00 and arrived in Atlanta in time to peruse IKEA and have an early dinner at The Varsity. The trip to IKEA was solely for me(because my husband spoils me like that), while the trip to The Varsity was for the kiddos. The ballgame was for all of us. The day was perfect in every way - minus the fact that our Cubbies lost. There is nothing as physically refreshing as spending a day with the ones you love.

Well, except maybe spending money at IKEA!



Cheryl said...

I have yet to go to Ikea here in the states. When we were stationed in Holland we went once to a European one.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Taking a day off sounds like it was a great day :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Well said! I love summer, too! time to relax some. I have been to the ball park, too, to watch our Reds loose. It was very hot, but still fun.

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