Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week Three

WEEK THREE - "Green is the new color of love", at least that's what my M&M's bag says. So here is a lovely set for a quiet evening with your special someone or for a picnic for two. This set includes a reversible tea towel and 2 matching cocktail napkins.

And speaking of sweets...the next place we visited was full of them.
There were kisses and hugs of various sizes,
Vats full of chocolate syrup and chips.
We took a tour of a similated factory
And received hands full of chocolate at the end of our ride.

Yes, it is still in PA.

A Review Of The Rules:
1. Anyone can enter once a week for each week of the contest.
2. If you do not win on any given week, your name automatically goes in to the next weeks drawing.
3.Guess the answer to the riddle or clue and leave a comment with contact information so that you can be reached if your name is drawn.
4. Each Saturday evening one of my children will draw a name to determine the winner ot the current weeks contest.
5. You can leave a comment here on my blog of on my website


Bretta said...

Hershey,PA---I do LOVE that place!!!!!!!!!

Debbie Jones said...

How about Hershey!!!!

lrohler said...

I know I know. It's the sweetest place on earth Hershey, PA! I've been there.

Shannon said...

We're going to Hershey this weekend! We have a baby shower, but we'll definitely be visiting the factory before we come home.

Anonymous said...

Hershey. That was a ton of fun!!!

Jennifer-Ancientgamecupboard said...

Hooray for Hershey! I haven't been there since I was very little and don't remember it at all! I really should find an excuse to take the kids that direction one of these days :)

A Dusty Frame said...

I was going to say sounds like Hershey, PA:)
Thanks for entering me

Knit2getherInLove said...

It is too early for me to think about chocolate... I will be longing for a Hershey Kiss all day now, and not a bit in the house!

Hershey, PA, the REAL Chocolate Factory!

Anonymous said...

I would love togo there.

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Hershey, PA - sounds wonderful! Found your blog through your Tweet.

ElegantRose said...

Sounds like a great place to visit!

ElegantRose said...

OOps, forgot to say Hershey PA.

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