Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's so cold...

This morning I will be taking our oldest to yet another allergy appointment. I thought while we were out I would run a few errands as well. Micheals is having a sale on their scrapbooking papers, $0.14 a sheet, YES! I need to stock up - emphasis on need here. I also need to get a tag for our new van. After lunch is Bible study, then tonight is parent meeting with our homeschool group.

But all I want to do is get under my soft, warm, green blanket and sip hot coffee all day. It is so cold outside and the wind makes it worse. Let me explain, by cold I mean 19 degrees. Yes, here in lower Alabama it is 19 degrees. I can not get warm! And next week is the beginning of our month long trip...up north no less...Oh, my bones are complaining. Something in my brain has set off the "What were you thinking? What have you done?" warning signal. I am so going to freeze!

Yes, my soft, warm, fuzzy, green coffee...thick socks....I may not run errands today after all!


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