Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gift # 4

The Fishing for Numbers games are almost complete. I hope to list three in my Etsy shop next week. So that takes care of gifts numbers 1-2-3. Yes, I seem to be still counting.

Gift number 4 is for my Auburn Fan, a gorgeous orange and blue bracelet made of 6mm crystal beads and accented with Sterling silver round beads. The clasp and jump rings and wire are all Sterling silver. "B" is a bit of a tomboy but she will like this bracelet. A.) because it wreaks of Auburn B.) because it is simple and small
"B" also wants Kyle Bush pajama pants for Christmas so I need to end this post now and get busy sewing.


On a different note, my children are crafting again. They cut out all of these snow flakes and hung them in one of the front bedroom windows. Hopefully by Christmas they will have made enough snowflakes to go in the three sets of windows across the front of the house. This picture really does not do it justice. When night falls and all the white lights are on, these paper snowflakes make the window look like a store front. We have no outside decorations but having a "white lights" Christmas tree in all the front windows makes ours the Best Decorated house on the block. Of course, I might be showing just a little bit of favoritism in that last statement

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