Monday, September 15, 2008

Graffiti Artist???

Today was just too beautiful a day to stay inside, so we went outside for our first class and I taught my kids a new kind of art, graffiti to be exact. "C" decided to put hers on the side walk.

"B" and "K" put theirs on the front of our house. Not to be outdone "D" put part of his "graffiti" on the side walk and the other on the front of the house. He bested all three sisters. HA!

Upon closer inspection you probably noted that the "graffiti" was actually spelling lists but we all had fun and got no small attention from people who passed by our house. One man was riding a bike down the street and he nearly ran all over the curb trying to figure out what we were doing. You could see him shaking his head. He probably thought,"Those kids should be in school."

Well sir, they were.

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