Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas Gift #1

This is the beginning of the first item on this years Christmas gift list. Our youngest daughter has recently outgrown this adorable little dress and it is scheduled for recycling...into a purse that is. My Mom has oohed and aah-ed over this dress since last year in July when "C" first wore it to an Independence Day Celebration. So I thought, how fitting it would be to take the Quilted skirt right off the dress and make something nice for mom.

I know this will be a meaningful gift because it already has so many memories wrapped up in it. Now, how many more gifts do I need ideas for? five nieces, four nephews, all the in-laws, my sister, MonsterBug and her little ones, my husband, and our four children...I'd better get busy.


P.S.I will be basing the design of the purse on the carpet bags featured in Handcrafted at Wit's End. This will be the only one I make and it is a gift (not for sale). Check back in a couple days for the finished product.

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