Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Only Happens in the Movies

No, I am not talking about Happily Ever After, that would be a story book ending. You know the scene, wife checks the washing machine only to find bubbles pouring out everywhere and the entire laundry room is covered in foamy white. Well,ours was not that bad but it did make a mess.

Two weeks ago our brand new GE washer was delivered from GE Store and installed at our house. Everything was going well until the third day, that is when the noise started. We began to hear a horrible knocking as if the load was out of balance. I thought nothing of it. I went to the washer and rearranged the clothes and restarted the washer. Then, in the course of a couple days, the knocking became more frequent. I have loaded washers for 15 - 20 years now and I fail to believe that I am loading the washer incorrectly nearly every time I wash clothes.

Yes, I called the maintenance line. The repair man calls (this is day five of having this machine in my house). "Ma-am," he says," these washers will sometimes shake and knock so badly they hop around the floor." He convinced me that nothing was wrong with the washer, I just needed to get used to it.

Skipping ahead three days. The GE washer ordered from the GE Store is now knocking with every load no matter the size or type clothes I wash. Ugh!! I called the maintenance line again and this time the repair man says,"There is nothing I can do for this, You need to call GE and have them replace the machine. It is irreparable."

Three hours and lots of frustrations have now passed only to find out that GE wants nothing to do with the case. I have passed my 7 days for refund and they will not replace the machine. I was so frustrated.

Saturday night I started a load and had to get up 5 times to balance the load. I decided to just go to bed and let it balance itself. What I did not realize was that the machine just shut off. I do not do laundry on Sunday so Monday I figured the clothes would need a quick wash because the heat here will make the clothes smell musty if left in the washer too long - a whole day and two nights is too long. 8-) So I set the machine to quick wash and put in a half measurement of detergent.
15 minutes later....

I am not sure but I think the machine must have cut itself off after I went to bed. These machines are programmed in a way that will protect the machine by shutting down if a problem can not be resolved during a cycle. Obviously it shut down before the rinse spin cycles were done because my "half measure" of detergent was greatly modified.

The good news??? I had to smile. It was fun putting my hands inside the fluffy softness and pulling all those bubbles out of the washer. The kids enjoyed cleaning up the piles of soap that fell out on the floor. I needed a smile.

As for the repair or replace issues, I do not know what will come of this and I will be patient while things are worked out. I will pause the washer and balance the load by hand. I will not cover my head with a pillow and scream when the washer bounces and knocks. I will not roll my eyes and say "Does this never end?" every time I have to stop what I am doing to balance the load. Well, at least I will try.


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